April 2021 STOMP

Safety Topic of the Month

Sexual Assault Awareness

Many of the sexual assaults on campus involve the use of alcohol and occur with people we know or people we just met. That does not mean they are less traumatic to all parties involved. UNM is committed to addressing all sexual assaults in a coordinated effort across campus.

UNM SMART (Sexual Misconduct and Assault Response Team) is a group composed of community and university organizations committed to providing the best services for prevention, response, investigations, and support for those affected by sexual misconduct. Learn more about SMART here.

UNMPD SMART Investigators are a team of professional Law Enforcement Officers with specialized training, equipment and resources to investigate cases of sexual assault. A SMART investigator is always on call.



Safety Tips:

  • Protect the Pack. Pay attention to Bystander Intervention training. Know that you can make a difference without compromising your own safety.
  • Talk about it. This helps people who have experienced sexual assault heal, and brings to light what types of assaults happen more frequently for awareness and prevention purposes. If you want someone to initiate a conversation on sexual assault, invite a SMART Investigator. Through investigations and training, SMART Investigators can share a different perspective. To schedule a SMART Talk on Campus, call UNMPD at 277-2670.
  • Stranger rape can occur. Keep safe by using the safety services available to you on campus, such as the LoboGuardian app for your phone, the blue light emergency phones throughout campus, and the Escort Service offered by UNMPD.

If a Sexual Assault happens:

  • Preserve Evidence. Save clothing, bedding, and text messages, as well as other communications.  Anyone who has been sexually assaulted is encouraged to contact SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners). If you visit SANE within 5 days, your chances of collecting and saving evidence are good. Even if you don’t want to report it now, you may want to later.  Besides providing a forensic exam, SANE is a free confidential resource that will take care of your medical needs, conduct STI/D testing, and provide you with resources.
  • Seek Medical Attention as soon as possible. If you do not go to SANE, a healthcare professional will treat injuries and provide resources.
  • Report the Sexual Misconduct.

  Police can put out a Lobo Alert to community members if the assailant poses an immediate threat, or for assistance in locating the assailant.

  • Police can transport you to SANE, preserve evidence, initiate an investigation, and provide resources for accommodations to keep you safe.
  • If not reporting to Police, use a confidential advocate to help you navigate support and reporting options.
  • Click here for a resource guide.

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