Pedestrian Safety Information

The UNM Police Department offers safety escort services to anyone needing a safety escort from an  on-campus location to another  on-campus location 24 hours, 7 days a week.  We do not provide safety escorts to off-campus locations. Call 277-2241 for more information.

Pedestrian safety is important on the UNM campus because so many members of the community walk, bicycle and skateboard to and from classes and activities.  It is important for pedestrians, bicyclists and boarders to remain alert when crossing campus streets. Crosswalks are provided for safe access across busy streets.

As campus becomes more crowded and as schedules become more rushed, we all have to take extra steps to prevent accidents and needless injuries.  Pedestrians, skateboarders and bicyclists on campus can work to keep themselves safe by increased awareness and following a few simple tips

Pedestrian Safety

  • Before stepping off the curb into a crosswalk, stop and look in both directions to be sure that approaching traffic sees you.
  • Although pedestrians have the right of way, not all drivers will stop, particularly if their view of you is blocked by the sun, parked cars or other traffic

Skateboarding on Campus

  • Skateboarders are required to obey pedestrian laws as well.
  • Skateboarders cannot ride their boards in the street and must dismount before crossing in a crosswalk.
  • Because of their speed and quick maneuverability, skateboarders are often hard for drivers to spot. 
  • NEVER skateboard in the street, even in a crosswalk. Skateboarders are often too fast and too small to see for drivers.

Bicycling on Campus

  • When riding a bicycle, travel with the flow of traffic, never into it. Approaching drivers are not looking for you to be driving at them and might not be prepared to avoid you in their lane of travel.
  • Bicyclists are required to obey all traffic laws, just like vehicles. Other drivers are expecting bicyclists to stop and yield the right of way, just like another driver.

Always wear a helmet when riding a bicycle or skateboard. Wear reflective clothing or lights at night to ensure that others can see you when biking.

Enforcement for Pedestrian & Campus Safety

Campus police conduct enforcement activities year around to help insure the safety of all persons using campus streets and sidewalks. 
These enforcement efforts include:
• Targeting jaywalkers who cross streets outside of safe pedestrian crossing zones.
• Targeting drivers who fail to yield to pedestrians in crosswalks.
• Monitoring speeders by using radar and other speed detection devices, to enforce the campus speed limit of 20 mph, unless otherwise posted.

All traffic tickets and fines, including speeding and pedestrian fines that are issued by the University of New Mexico Police are handled by Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court.  Information on traffic fines, including speeding and pedestrian fines, is available from the Bernalillo County Metropolitan Court website at

Questions regarding parking tickets or parking services on campus should be directed to UNM Parking Services at