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University of New Mexico Police and Security

University of New Mexico Police and Security



1.     Call PD:

a.     911 will go directly to UNMPD on a landline. A 911 call from a cell phone may go to APD, but then will be transferred to UNMPD dispatch.

b.     277-2241 goes directly to Dispatch. The number is on the back of your Lobo Card.

2.     On-line reporting:

a.     For non-emergency situations or delayed reporting. If there is an emergency, or a situation has just occurred, your immediate response is needed. The quicker you get in touch with police regarding a crime that just occurred, the faster the police can react and handle that situation.

3.     Why should I report?

a.     If you don’t think it’s worth it to report a situation, call first and ask the dispatcher. Your report may be used to stop a pattern of criminal activity. We may have just enough information from several people to piece together a suspect and stop additional crime from occurring. If it is regarding stolen items, reporting it may lead to recovery of your items. Our Detectives also collect data from reports to set up covert operations that will catch criminals in the act. The more information you get to us, the better we can handle that situation.

4.     Blue phones and elevator emergency buttons dial directly to the UNMPD, and the location is also tracked.