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June 2019 STOMP
Safety Topic of the Month
UNM Police Department
More Than Just Law Enforcement

How does the UNM Police Department differ from traditional police? Here are some things we do differently:



        Community Policing
Developing relationships is an important aspect of our job as UNM Police Officers. Officers work together with our campus community to identify, prioritize, and solve contemporary problems such as crime, drugs, fear of crime, social and physical disorder with the goal of improving the overall quality of life on campus.

Focus on Prevention
We are not just about law enforcement. The role of UNM Police is also one of guidance and education. We want people to make good decisions and to be aware of potential threats to their safety. UNM Police work closely with other departments to ensure resources are known and used. Safety talks, environmental safety assessments, and interaction with the community at events on campus takes safety to another level, fostering confidence in the Police Department’s ability to keep the community safe, as well as consistently improving our services. Our job is to actively address and reduce crime.

Internal Discipline Options
UNM Police work with a very diverse community. The background, cultures, and life experiences are diverse within the student population. When we see the opportunity to change the path a student is taking, resources on campus can have a monumental impact on that student’s life. The Dean of Students Office has the ability to guide students into a positive direction and are used frequently to address behavior on campus. Criminal conduct is also reported to the Dean of Students Office to ban individuals from University property.

Campus Police are Communicators
UNM Police look for Officers who have people skills and are excellent communicators. It takes a special kind of person to be able to handle the constantly changing and diverse community at UNM. Officers have to be sensitive and compassionate while interacting with community members but need to respond to and handle the criminal element in the most effective manner. All UNM Police Officers are trained in CIT, (Crisis Intervention Team), to de-escalate crisis incidents.

Campus Police Undergo Additional Training
UNM Police have all the training traditional police have, plus more. These include training in the Clery Act, Title IX, HIPPA, and FERPA compliance. UNM Police are all trained to handle crisis and mental health interventions.

Quick Response Time
When you need UNM Police, we are quick to respond. UNM has over 250 buildings with over 900 alarmed areas. Officers have to know how to get through areas quickly in many different situations, including getting ambulances or fire trucks to the interior of campus during an emergency.

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