University of New Mexico Police and Security

University of New Mexico Police and Security

Hate/Bias Incident Reporting

What is a Hate Crime?:
A Hate Crime is a crime committed in whole or in part because of the victim's actual or perceived race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, sexual orientation, disability, age, or religion.

Under New Mexico state law, hate crimes are "motivated by hate," meaning the commission of a crime with the intent to commit the crime because of the actual or perceived race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, disability, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity of the victim, whether or not the offender's belief or perception is correct. NMSA 1978, Section 31-18B-1).

What is a Hate/Bias Incident?
A hate/bias incident is an act of conduct, speech or expression to which a bias motive is evident as a contributing factor (regardless of whether the act is criminal). A hate crime is an incident that has risen to the level of a crime. All hate crimes are bias incidents but not all bias incidents are hate crimes.

What happens when I fill out this form?
When you fill out this form, it will automatically be sent to UNM Police Department (UNMPD)to be evaluated to determine if it is a hate-crime.

The form will also automatically be sent to the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) to be evaluated as a potential civil rights violation and may be investigated pursuant to (Discrimination Claims Procedure).

If you do not want this form to be sent automatically to both locations, you may contact UNMPD separately at 505-277-2241 or OEO at.505-277-5251to report the incident.

Please in your contact information and as much detail as possible when you fill out the form.

Can I file an anonymous report?
Yes. However, the ability to thoroughly investigate the report may be limited. Additionally individuals who report anonymously may have limited protection from retaliation. All reports will be collected and tracked.

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