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November/December STOMP

Safety Topic of the Month Page
Sexual Assault Awareness

UNM SMART (Sexual Misconduct and Assault Response Team) unites different departments across campus and key community partners.  UNM SMART addresses best practices in education and prevention, provided guidance on investigation improvement, and centers care and support for survivors and all effected by sexual assaults. Click here to contact SMART.

UNMPD’s SMART investigators are a team professional Law Enforcement Officers with training, equipment and resources to investigate cases of sexual assault. A SMART investigator is always on call. 

Support and Resources:

Most sexual assaults are from known assailants. In the case of an assault by a stranger or an individual that poses a threat to the safety of others, police can take action immediately and alert the community with information that may help apprehend the assailant.

Anyone who has been sexually assaulted is encouraged to contact SANE (Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners). Why? If you visit SANE within 5 days, your chances of collecting and saving evidence are good. Even if you don’t want to report it now, you may want to later.  Also, SANE is a free confidential resource that will take care of your physical needs, conduct STI/D testing, and provide you with any resources you may want.

It’s common for sexual assault survivors to question whether or not they should contact law enforcement and report their assault. There are many reasons why a sexual assault survivor may not immediately report the crime. One option is using a confidential advocate to help you navigate support and reporting options. You can expect that advocates will treat a survivor with respect, dignity, and sensitivity throughout the process as you seek services from a university advocate. Click here for what you should expect, how to find an advocate and what they offer. Click here for a resource guide.

Bystander Intervention

You may have heard the term “bystander intervention” to describe a situation where someone who isn’t directly involved steps in to change the outcome. Stepping in may give the person you’re concerned about a chance to get to a safe place or leave the situation. Making a huge difference in a situation doesn’t have to compromise your safety. 

As active bystanders, students can learn ways of taking action that can prevent crimes like sexual assault from occurring. When it comes to personal safety, there are steps you can take as well, and some of those tips are outlined below. No tips can absolutely guarantee safety—sexual violence can happen to anyone, and it’s not the only crime that can occur on a college campus. It’s important to remember that if you are sexually assaulted on campus it is not your fault—help and support are available.


How to Report Sexual Misconduct

The University of New Mexico urges any individual who has experienced sexual violence or misconduct, or has knowledge about an incident of sexual misconduct, to make an official report to the Office of Equal Opportunity (OEO) at 505-277-5251 or University Police (UNMPD) at 505-277-2241. However, UNM recognizes that some individuals may want to speak with someone anonymously about reporting options and support before deciding whether to report the incident to the police or the Office of Equal Opportunity for investigation.

Individuals who experience sexual misconduct are strongly encouraged to understand the various reporting requirements of University entities in order to make the best decision for their circumstance.

Whether or not anonymity is requested, information about sexual violence and misconduct will be treated confidentially and only be shared on a need-to-know basis, and as authorized under University policy and applicable federal and state law. Click here to find the Anonymous/Confidential Campus Reporting Locations.

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