University of New Mexico Police and Security

University of New Mexico Police and Security

July 2019 STOMP

Safety Topic of the Month

Environmental/Situational Awareness

Campus Safety has a lot to do with recognizing what is happening around you, responding appropriately, and knowing the safety issues on campus so you don’t become a victim. This month we will focus on how to assess situations, stay safe (prevention), and the many ways to report to UNMPD.

  Get to know the UNM campus. When you call UNMPD in an emergency, can you describe what is happening and where you are so dispatch can get help there quickly? What is suspicious behavior? If you are not really sure you should report something, call dispatch and they will direct you. 

Be prepared to react to emergencies
Know what Alerts and sirens mean

 Stay Safe  
  Prevention is easier if you know what is occurring on campus and take steps to create habits that will keep you from being an easy target. Click on the following "How to Stay Safe" link to see some tips to stay safe at your car, while you’re on campus, and while at your residence.

How to Stay Safe
There are different ways to report to police, depending on the situation. Call UNMPD at 277-2241 (on the back of your Lobo Card) or come in to the PD in Hokona Hall. Call 911 for an emergency. 

Activate a Blue light phone
Report Online
Call Crime Stoppers 

    STOMP will introduce safety topics and provide links to many resources that are available to you, but to fully benefit, follow us on Twitter and Instagram.  UNMPD believes awareness of current issues on campus through a variety of means will unite the UNM community to fight crime and provide a safer campus.

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